Move Beyond the Surface

This week we were able to venture down to the Deep South of Florida. We took an airboat ride through the Everglades National Park. It’s a vast area of swamp land that houses many different types of species. I loved watching the Alligators in their natural habitat. They are fascinating creatures and I learned so much about them and what makes them different than crocodiles. Did you know that the average size of their brain is the size of a marble? Although they spend most of their time on the surface, they can spend 2-4 hours under water without needing to come to the surface. It reminds me so much of our lives and the way society has molded relationships. We spend almost all of our time showcasing our life on the surface that only a few really get to see the deeper side of us. We only allow the surface of what we want people to see because we know that’s what attracts and appeals to others. I don’t want to be like the alligator only allowing people to see me at the surface. I want to allow people to see the deeper side of me and allow my life and experiences to be real and honest. I want my relationships and friendships to be meaningful. The majority of our relationships only reach the surface and we don’t know how to have real and authentic relationships. Don’t be a surface friend, be a friend that will connect and inspire others. Don’t allow the vanity of this world to influence the friend God created you to be. 

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